Hire A Photo Booth in Nottingham

Smile 321 Photo booth hire in Nottingham , were first offered as rentals for special occasions a 3 years ago and have gained a tremendous amount of popularity in a short period of time. One of the major determining factors for most people is price. While photo booths can be incredibly fun and will certainly add variety to your event, you want to make sure it is something you can comfortably afford.

Prices for renting a photo booth will vary depending on event location, time of rental, and the type of booth you rent. The first thing to decide is which type of booth you want – digital or vintage. Vintage booths tend to be more costly simply because they cost more to operate. They are a bit bulky and difficult to transport, so that is also a factor to keep in mind. Digital booths, on the other hand, tend to be less expensive because they are easier to maintain. A four-hour rental can run you about £399 for a vintage booth. Some charge more depending on the market area, so be sure to check around before booking us.

Often times, digital can be on par with vintage simply because of the features available to the booth. Many digital booths can print in color, B&W, and sepia. They also include options for printing CD’s and maintaining an online photo gallery to share your photos.

Your rental should come with free delivery in the territory serviced by your vendor, but if your event is outside of their territory, there could be additional fees. Not with Smile 321.co.uk though, The standard photo booth rental should also include an attendant to set up and dismantle the booth. They should be present throughout the event to answer questions or resolve issues, should they arise. The responsibilities of the attendant will vary from vendor to vendor; however, good attendants will be on hand at all times time make sure that the booth runs smoothly and that you and your guests enjoy your experience.

A final factor to keep in mind regarding price is that many vendors offer discounts for multi-day events. If your event spans out over several days and it only requires that the booth be set-up once and the attendant be there only during the times of the event, then you may have some room to negotiate. If the rental is for your wedding you are probably not going to need the booth for several days, but still be sure to ask what other discounts they may have to offer. You may get as lucky as you did finding the special person in your life and find a great deal! Nottingham Photo Booth Hire and Disco Hire we can also provide , simply email or call us.