Graduation Photo Booth Hire

It is that time of year again. The push of finals is behind you, the hangovers cleared long enough to meet all the deadlines and the future looms like a heavy cloud over the Autumn to come.
For now, though, it is summer! The new start of the rest of your life can wait – you have forever after all. Now is the time for celebrating. Gather friends, family and forget next year. You’ve done it. Party hard safe in the knowledge that you’ll probably never need to write another essay again, spend all night in a library or even consume your body weight in booze. Moderation beckons so have one final blow out.
Hire our fantastic photo booth to capture the craziness of your graduation party. Throw your mortar boards, snog your girlfriends and don’t let Dave moony!
Photobooth Hire for Student Ball

student graduation photo booth hire